Does Your Content Work? Tips for Understanding and Optimizing Content Effectiveness.

When it comes to content-related data, most organizations face either a feast or a famine. You might have more data than you have time to deal with. Or, you might have little access to data related to your content. The good news is the way to overcome both obstacles is the same: measure and report on content effectiveness.

This session will define content effectiveness and its benefits, explain ways to identify what to measure, and provide guidance on how to overcome challenges based on Content Science’s studies of content operations.

Along the way, Colleen will share useful insights about content effectiveness based on feedback from nearly 200,000 participants in ContentWRX evaluations.

Attendees exclusively will receive this premium content, currently available only to subscribers to Content Science Academy and Content Science Review.

  • A template for defining a content KPI matrix
  • An exclusive excerpt from the 2021 report What Makes Content Operations Successful?

Attendees also will be exclusively eligible for a 30-day trial of ContentWRX, including:

  • A setup consultation
  • One complete content effectiveness evaluation
  • A 15% discount on a package or subscription after the trial ends

This general session is open to free, standard, and team pass holders for CSC Live.