How to Turn Press and Media Coverage Into Content That Ranks

E-A-T is an important part of any digital PR or SEO strategy today if you want to get found on search engines. But how can your PR team help you increase your E-A-T? The truth is, not all authority is built online first. In this interactive session, Kris Ruby, CEO of Ruby Media Group, will walk you through how to build your brand offline and translate that into digital authority to help you rank.

Digital authority with no real-world offline authority is like building a foundation on quicksand. You need a combination of both. Building your presence through PR expertise can help achieve your SEO goals. But trying to build E-A-T with zero PR? That will be an uphill battle. Kris Ruby will walk you through 10 steps to make building digital authority an easier process for you (even if you don’t have a PR firm!). What are the core tenants of trust that the media wants to see when researching a source? What makes a source credible?

Attend this session to learn:

  • How to increase your visibility on search engines with digital PR
  • How do you build trust with Google AND the media?
  • How SEO can help or hurt your ability at getting press coverage.