Kayla Schorr

Content Manager at Millionacres, A Motley Fool Service

After falling in love with Italy while studying abroad, Kayla got her start in SEO while working in the travel industry. During her time, she found a new love–growing organic traffic and seeing posts jump to the top of Google’s search pages.

Kayla began her career at The Motley Fool as an SEO Content Strategist with Millionacres, where she developed strategies for SEO-focused articles for the site’s free audience through an editorial lens. Now, Kayla oversees the entire editorial process for Millionacres’ free content (as in, non-gated content), plans out all evergreen and syndication content, and supervises a team of writers and copyeditors.

looking forward to learning the ins and outs of real estate and investing as a whole, so that she can help the site reach the eyes and ears of anyone in our target demographic.