10 Steps To Optimize Your Content Marketing Program for ROI

Every business creates content. But few know how to drive a practical strategy that creates impactful results!

Join Content Marketing influencer, author and Content Marketing Agency CEO Michael Brenner who will get right to the heart of the 10 simple steps behind building a successful content marketing program in today’s competitive environment. We’ll show you how to plan out the content your buyers actually want, map that content to the buyer journey, distribute to the right audiences, define the right KPIs, and get measurable business results.

  • Apply these approaches to meet customer needs and get results you can brag about to your boss. In this session, Michael will present 10 practical tips any business can use to create impact including:
  • Build the business case and gain the budget for content marketing
  • Reach, engage, and convert new customers for your business
  • Identify the right content to create and how to publish it
  • Measure and report on content marketing achievements in the form of leads, sales, and ROI
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