Content Marketing In 2022: Building Fans Instead of Followers

It’s 2022 and in a post-pandemic world, Content Marketing is changing. Yes Again.

Changes in digital capabilities, the media by which we distribute content, the talent pool, and the mission of content have all been pushed into new directions. These changes mean there is a fundamental shift from building engaged audiences that passively “follow” our brand. Instead – we have build fans that not only subscribe, take actions on our content.

But spoiler alert: your content isn’t that different. And even if it is, it won’t be for long. Content isn’t, nor will it ever be the source of your differentiation. What differentiates your brand, will be a holistic content operation that coordinates communication in your business, and enables the long game of powerful content-driven experiences.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • The four disruptions of content strategy in the 20s
  • Actionable frameworks that truly differentiate a modern content marketing strategy
  • Specific examples of brands putting these frameworks into action
  • How you measure success
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