How Google’s AI changes the game for SEO in 2022

Search engines are evolving to meet the demands of consumers and organic traffic is more valuable than ever. This is driving brands to invest heavily in SEO strategies with diminishing ROI. In 2022, technical optimizations for SEO rarely influence today’s modern AI search engines and earn organic rankings. Marketers must have a rudimentary understanding of machine learning and AI training models to compete for organic traffic. Join Dale Bertrand, a 20-year search marketing veteran with graduate-level training in AI, as he details specific organic growth strategies that leverage our new understanding of how Google uses machine learning to determine your website’s rankings.


  • How search engine algorithms use AI to determine rankings
  • Specific strategies to grow your organic traffic in the age of AI
  • Case studies of brands that have adapted to the new SEO landscape
  • How to ensure that your brand is well positioned to compete for organic traffic in 2022
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