How to Create Engaging Content and Copy for Niche Markets

This session covers how to drive success with your content strategy for a niche market. With niche b2b topics/markets, often search volume can be low for certain topics and it’s tricky to figure out which content will work best for your audience. This session aims to uncover techniques we use when it comes to audience research and keyword research, how to determine priorities, and generally how to create content for niche markets that drives demand. We will also tackle how to write compelling copy for subject matters that are a little more on the dry side.


  • How to go about audience/topic research for tricky niches
  • Tips/best practice on approaching KWR for niche subjects and topics
  • Why it’s important to stay on top of future trends in your niche industry/subject area in order to create better content
  • Actionable pointers on creating copy that works for this type of content – written both for humans, and Google.
Standard Pass