How to Repurpose Existing Content to Improve SEO Rankings

When you are trying to rank for a particular topic, you may automatically jump to creating a brand new page. But wait – do you have old content on the site that can be repurposed? It is easier to build SEO traction with an existing page vs starting from scratch. Moreover, many businesses often lose track of previously published content, resulting in multiple pages published on the exact same topic. Stop competing with yourself and starting over! Give new life to old content by updating, optimizing and/or consolidating assets to create a version that can be competitive in the current search landscape.


  • How to audit existing content assets
  • Specific ways to effectively enhance and update outdated content to be competitive
  • How to consolidate multiple, old pages on the same topic to create one authoritative piece
  • Tips to keep track of content production going forward/how to account for existing content before creating new pieces
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