Web3 PR & Content Marketing: How to Prepare for Metaverse Digital Transformation 

What does a decentralized content marketing strategy look like in Web3? Kris Ruby, CEO of Ruby Media Group, will walk you through what every brand marketer needs to consider for digital brand protection in Web3. How can brands use NFTs to increase brand loyalty with users? Will content marketers create unlockable gated content in the form of NFTs? 

How brands are creating exclusive content experiences to generate loyalty with consumers. 

IP Protection 

  • Domain name cybersquatting and brand protection strategies 


  • How will search change on Blockchain?
  • Do keywords matter on OpenSea? 
  • Decentralized search engines 

Content Marketing 

  • Time stamping content to Blockchain 
  • Gain exclusive access and benefits
  • Branded NFT collections + perks + Web3 digital experiences 
  • Ownership (A look at the top decentralized content platforms) 


  • Digital Asset Protection Strategy. Will digital collectables be a critical component of every digital PR strategy in the future? 
  • How will NFTs shape the future of digital PR, marketing and media? 
  • On-chain press credentials 

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