SERP Strategies: Flexible Approaches to Modern Search Optimization

SEO isn’t just one thing. It’s a lot of things.

And what works depends entirely on the context, as in the search results page. These ever-shifting SERPs are filled with pitfalls and opportunities.

Do this long enough and you eventually realize: getting your page to rank organically is just one of many possible strategies. Which strategy will work depends on the search results for the topic you target.

First, we’ll get out the time machine and look at the changes in search results pages. Then, based on the current reality, we’ll review some non-traditional SEO strategies:

  • Bylined articles and PR
  • Video on and off YouTube
  • Local SEO, in and out of the 3-pack
  • Advertising. Yes, this can be part of an SEO strategy.

Don’t jump into the fight without taking a very close look at the battlefield.

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